“Bảo Hiểm Nội Ngành” – Captive Insurance

Doc bai viet ve Captive Insurance cua mot tac gia (hong biet co lam trong bao hiem ngay nao khong nua?), doc xong ma thay giat minh. Minh kem theo link ben duoi: http://www.doanhnhan360.com/Desktop.aspx/Thi-truong-360/Bao-hiem-360/Bao_hiem_noi_nganh-nen_hay_khong/.

Tac gia phan tich rat ham ho, lay mot y trong Luat Bao Hiem Sua doi de nhan manh rang, co quan chu quan va thi truong nen phat trien cac cong ty bao hiem noi nganh (captive insurance) vi cho rang chi co cac captive insurer moi hieu duoc cac rui ro cua nganh, v.v. Tham chi ket luan rang, day la muc tieu de cac doanh nghiep bao hiem Viet nam co the phat trien thanh nhung tap doan tai chinh bao hiem xung tam the gioi???

Truoc het, nguoi viet da hieu sai be bet khai niem captive insurance/captive insurer. Xin duoc noi ro nhu sau ve khai niem nay bang tieng Anh (vi thuc te, o Viet nam chua he co khai niem nay cung nhu chua co mot cong ty bao hiem captive nao ca):
” Captive insurance companies are insurance companies established with the specific objective of financing risks emanating from their parent group or groups, but they sometimes also insure risks of the group’s customers as well. Using a captive insurer is a risk management technique by which a business forms its own insurance company subsidiary to finance its retained losses in a formal structure“.

Co 5 loai cong ty bao hiem captive chinh:

  • Single Parent Captive – is an insurance or reinsurance company formed primarily to insure the risks of its non-insurance parent or affiliates.
  • Association Captive – is a company owned by a trade, industry or service group for the benefit of its members.
  • Group Captive – is a company, jointly owned by a number of companies, created to provide a vehicle to meet a common insurance need.
  • Agency Captive – is a company owned by an insurance agency or brokerage firm so they may reinsure a portion of their clients risks through that company.
  • Rent-a-Captive – is a company that provides ‘captive’ facilities to others for a fee, while protecting itself from losses under individual programs, which are also isolated from losses under other programs within the same company. This facility is often used for programs that are too small to justify establishing their own captive.

Mo hinh ben duoi se tu giai thich mot cach don gian khai niem Captive Insurnace:
Noi tom lai, xet ve ban chat, mot cong ty lam captive insurance khong bao hiem cho public clients. Tac gia da nham lan rat nghiem trong vi tac gia nghi rang, vi du: BIDV la ngan hang, thanh lap BIC, hoac HSBC co them mot cong ty thanh vien la HSBC Insurance thi BIC hoac HSBC Insurance la cong ty bao hiem noi nganh – captive insurer. Hoan toan khong phai vay, BIC va HSBC Insurance la su mo rong linh vuc kinh doanh cua BIDV va HSBC va khi do, BIC va HSBC Insurance hoat dong nhu mot cong ty doc lap nhu bat ky mot cong ty bao hiem binh thuong nao khac – regular insurance company. Khach hang cua ho vua co the (chi co the thoi nhe) la nhung cong ty thanh vien khac cua cong ty Me cua ho va la cac public clients khac. Neu cac cong ty thanh vien khac mua bao hiem cua nhung cong ty bao hiem nay thi se duoc goi la captive accounts, voi ham y la ho co day mo re ma voi nhau o goc do anh em chung mot nha ma thoi. Va khai niem “noi nganh” la sai hoan toan trong truong hop nay.

Tren the gioi dac biet la thi truong My noi co vai ngan cong ty bao hiem captive, va co nhieu ly do the thanh lap cong ty captive (khong phai voi muc dich mo rong kinh doanh) ma nhu dinh nghia ban dau, muc dich chinh la de bao hiem cho nhau, bao hiem cho nhung rui ro ma cac cong ty bao hiem binh thuong khong bao hiem (vi du dac thu cua nganh xay dung, y te, khai thac khoang san, v.v.), giai quyet boi thuong mot cac linh hoat va nhanh chong hon cac doanh nghiep bao hiem “ngoai quy dao” va tat nhien, cung voi muc dich tai chinh la neu trong truong hop claims nho hon muc phi bao hiem dong thi phan loi nhuan van thuoc cong ty Me (la cong ty sang lap), va su phan biet ro rang nhat nhu da noi o tren, dac thu cua captive insurance la khong khai thac (va cung khong duoc khai thac, theo cac quy dinh phap ly cho loai hinh kinh doanh bao hiem nay) cac nhom khach hang dai chung khac.

Hy vong, mot ngay nao do, tac gia bai viet tren se doc duoc bai viet nay va kiem tra lai kien thuc cua minh truoc khi viet nhung bai bao mang tinh thoi su hoac chuyen nganh nhu vay.




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